• Giancarlo Marra

    Giancarlo Marra, Prof. Dr.

    Group Leader

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  • Stephany  Orjuela

    Stephany Orjuela

    PhD Student - Stephany is Colombian

    and grew up in the capital Bogota. She majored in Biology at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia

    and after completion she moved to Zurich in 2015 to complete her Master studies. She worked in the Wagner lab under the supervision of Dr. Joshua Payne and Dr. Tugce Bilgin

    where she performed a data-driven computational analysis to evaluate the effects of tandem repeat sequences on transcription factor regulation. Now during her PhD

    she will integrate different omics data from precancerous lesions of the human large intestine

    and develop methods to analyze this type in data in order to facilitate its analysis to the community. In her free time

    she enjoys biking

    hiking and spending time with her nephew.

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  • Sija Sajibu

    Sija Sajibu

    PhD Student

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