Jonas Schmid

Jonas Schmid Ida de Pottere

received the Ida de Pottère-Leupold and Dr. iur. Erik de Pottère Cancer Research Award.

The award recognizes his work: Histone ubiquitination by DNA damage response is required for efficient DNA replication in unperturbed S Phase.

Katrin Bertram

Betram CCCZ Retreat 2019

won a poster prize at the 1st CCCZ Scientific Retreat (March 24 - 26, 2019) in Emmetten, Switzerland.

Chiara Raso

Chiara Raso

received the Charles Rodolphe Brupbacher Young Investigator Award 2019

for her research on "Deregulated Interferon-Stimulated Gene 15 (ISG15) leads to DNA replication stress and genomic instability".

Hind Hashwah


won a poster prize at the 7th Cancer Network Zurich Retreat (March 26 - 28, 2017) in Emmetten, Switzerland.

Isabelle Arnold

won one of the Best Workshop Presentation Awards

for her presentation on "Eosinophils function in experimental H. pylori infection" at the World Immune Regulation Meeting (WIRM) in Davos.

Anna Stelling


received the Charles Rodolphe Brupbacher Young Investigator Award 2017
for her work "Tumor suppressive mechanisms of S1PR2 signaling in DLBCL".


Alessandro SARTORI in UZH Journal 6/2016


«Der Feind im eigenen Körper»

Matteo Berti and Stanislaw Jozwiakowski were awarded a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship.


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