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M. Lopes, C. Cotta-Ramusino, A. Pellicioli, G. Liberi, P. Plevani, M. Muzi-Falconi, C. S. Newlon and M. Foiani The DNA replication checkpoint response stabilizes stalled replication forks Nature 412, 557-561 (2001)

M.Foiani, A.Pellicioli, M.Lopes, C.Lucca, M.Ferrari, G.Liberi, M.Muzi Falconi, and P.PLevani.  DNA damage checkpoints and DNA replication controls in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Mutat Res.451(1-2):187-96.(2000)

G. Liberi, Chiolo I., Pellicioli A., Lopes M., Muzi-Falconi M., Plevani P. and Foiani M. Srs2 DNA helicase is involved in checkpoint response and its regulation requires a functional Mec1- dependent pathway and CDK1 activity. EMBO J. 19, 1, (2000).

A.Pellicioli, C.Lucca, G.Liberi, F.Marini, M.Lopes, P.Plevani, A.Romano, P.Di Fiore, and M.Foiani. (1999) Activation of Rad53 kinase in response to DNA damage and its effect in modulating phosphorylation of the lagging strand DNA polymerase. EMBO J., 18, 6561-6572. (1999)

M.Foiani, M.Ferrari, G.Liberi, M.Lopes, C.Lucca, F.Marini, A.Pellicioli, M.Muzi-Falconi, P.Plevani (1998). S-phase DNA damage checkpoint in budding yeast. Biol.Chem. 379, 1019-1023.